RMS Welding SystemsDouble Jointing

Double Jointing

RMS Welding Systems’ double-jointing (DJ) facility provides DJ services for an array of customers.


Located in Camrose, Alberta, with close proximity to road, rail and coating facilities, North American clients can simplify their pipe supply logistics.  Additionally, the facility can be moved to different locations according to client needs.

The DJ facility is set up to join 40 ft (12 m) DRL pipe joints into 80 ft (24 m) “double-joints”.  It has the capacity to handle diameters between NPS 16-48 (406-1219 mm) for most typical wall thicknesses.  Typical grades of pipe are CSA Z245.1 and API 5L high strength line pipe, although lower grade pipe can also be processed.

Prior to welding, pipe ends are machined for a groove configuration maximizing quality and productivity.  Featuring two outer-diameter and one inner diameter welding stations, the robust double submerged arc welding (DSAW) process is employed.  This welding process ensures high quality, along with high productivity, and low cost. Weld qualification criteria are based on customer requirements, with typical specifications being ASME BPVC IX (under CSA Z245.1, API 5L, ASME B31.X, etc.), CSA Z662, and API 1104.  Weld procedures are developed and qualified according to the materials to be welded along with additionally specified mechanical property requirements (impact toughness, hardness, etc.) as required.

Following welding, joints are visually inspected, followed by nondestructive inspection using automated ultrasonic testing (AUT), for the ultimate in flaw detection.  AUT methodology and acceptance criteria is based on customer requirements, with typical specifications being ASME BPVC V, CSA Z245.1, CSA Z662 and API 1104.

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