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External Welding

MOWII External Welder

The MOWII system offers digital control and monitoring of all critical weld parameters, and features through-the-arc tip-to-work distance and weld seam tracking.

The MOW II is a modular system capable of being configured in single-torch, dual-torch and tandem torch configurations and supports flux-core-arc gas-metal-arc and pulse-gas-metal-arc welding to meet the demands of today’s high strength steels. One weld station is capable of performing an external root pass as well as the regular hot, fill and cap pass welding.

The MOW II offers the flexibility to meet the needs of the pipeline industry.

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Weld Data Monitor

The Weld Data Monitor consists of a screen for display of welding data, an on board computer for collection of data, and a wireless module for remote communication.

Our Weld Data Monitors will display and record the current amperage, voltage, travel speed, oscillator speed, wire feed speed and instantaneous heat input for each pair of welding bugs.

The unit is located outside the welding tent where supervisory and inspection personnel can easily monitor the welding process. Paired with wireless capabilities, this provides an unprecedented level of on-the-spot system management as welding can be monitored remotely in real time.  All valuable and critical welding sequence data is easily downloaded and is available for review or archiving as graphs or spreadsheets.

Although designed to work together, the Weld Data Monitor and External Welding Machines operate independently of each other; ensuring that the integrity of each component is maintained. The Weld Data Monitor / Data Acquisition System is optional and is not necessary for the welding sequence.


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